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I Am Monsters! Steals the Show at Shockfest 2019!

Shockfest 2019, a horror film festival. One might think the highlight of the event would be a film, signing, or the appearances of a favorite actor, right? In this case you’d be very wrong.

This year the festival was stolen by the charismatic Nicholas Vince and his phenomenal one man show, “I Am Monsters!” The show itself was a simple one without giant props, makeup, or flashing lights. No cast or crew. Just a man, his stories, and a voice that I could listen to for hours on end. Best of all, he knows how to use this voice to create pure magic.

Many people know Vince from his role as the Chatterer in Hellraiser and Hellraiser II, while others favored him as Kinski in Nightbreed. Both are films by the acclaimed author Clive Barker.

How did I end up at this specific show? I was invited by Barker earlier in the day--he and Vince have been friends for twenty-five years. Naturally, on his word alone, I accepted the invite and have never made a finer decision in my life.

Vince, in his proper British accent, reminded everyone to turn off their cell phones or their humiliation would be legendary. Naturally, I chose not to obtain said legendary status and turned off my phone.

I have never regretted a decision more. Vince started his show with a horrific story of a post-surgery, out of body experience. His words were riveting as the story blended his childhood bullying, his underbite as a youth, and his homosexuality.

As the show progressed, he told stories of his times playing the Chatterer and Kinski. He brought out the only props he used during the entire show: six photos of him, his film characters, the art for Books of Blood which he had modeled for, and two photos of his younger self.

At some point during the show, Vince changed his tone and subject. He did so in such a manner that no-one noticed. The room was deathly silent except for his voice.

Vince began talking about us; humans; monsters. He took us all on a venture into the human psyche that I didn’t know I was going to take that day. People do some horrific things to one another and Vince showed us all that day that one way or another, we are all monsters.

I will close with a line from his show. It won’t be nearly as impactful here, but it is no less true.

“Hello, Monsters.”

Vince is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and his show is truly groundbreaking. I wholeheartedly recommend that the entire world see “I Am Monsters!” More information can be found on Vince’s website,

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